• Why Is Your Espresso Machine Leaking?

    When coffee dispenses from your espresso machine, you want it to end up in the cup, not splashed and splattered across the machine and your counters. If you have a leak—whether it's a small dribble or a large spurt—here are three possible causes and how to deal with them. The Group Head Needs Cleaning One of the most common reasons why espresso machines leak is inadequate cleaning—particularly of the group head.
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  • Signs That Your Kitchen Gadgets Are In Need Of Appliance Repairs

    The kitchen is one of the rooms in your home that is chock full of appliances. From dishwashers to small gadgets, there is a broad selection of gadgetry to choose from that function to make your life easier. However, the downside to owning all these appliances is that they are not immune to breaking down. Knowing how to spot the symptoms of impending malfunction could mean the difference between replacing an appliance or having it repaired and extending its shelf life.
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