Signs That Your Kitchen Gadgets Are In Need Of Appliance Repairs

Posted on: 22 January 2018

The kitchen is one of the rooms in your home that is chock full of appliances. From dishwashers to small gadgets, there is a broad selection of gadgetry to choose from that function to make your life easier. However, the downside to owning all these appliances is that they are not immune to breaking down. Knowing how to spot the symptoms of impending malfunction could mean the difference between replacing an appliance or having it repaired and extending its shelf life. Here are some telltale signs that should alert you that your devices could be in need of appliance repairs.

Water collecting on the kitchen floor

Several appliances could start puddling water on your kitchen floor. The typical culprit of this tends to be the dishwasher since it needs water to function. If the puddles are close to your dishwasher, it likely indicates that there are some broken seals on the appliance's door. On the other hand, your dishwasher may also begin to leak if its hose has acquired cracks and holes, meaning it would need replacement.

Another kitchen appliance that could cause puddles in your kitchen is the fridge. Be wary of water collecting under your refrigerator as it could mean the defrost drain is clogged. In other cases, water may start to seep to the bottom of the fridge because it is not levelled.

Appliances are operating intermittently

When your appliances begin to run intermittently, it means that there is something that is preventing the gadget from procuring its processes as usual. For instance, you may find that your fridge stops functioning mid-cycle then powers up spontaneously. Alternatively, you could find that your dryer is having trouble cooling down until you manually switch off the gadget. Dishwashers are also known to develop intermittent operations, and this will typically manifest by skipping a step in the cleaning cycle such as not rinsing your dishes.

Interruptions in the functioning of your appliances should be cause for concern as they could lead to your appliance breaking down. Not to mention that intermittent operations also mean sacrificing the convenience that your appliances offer you. You should call a technician to determine whether the appliance needs reprogramming or if one of the internal components would need replacement.

Your circuit breaker is tripping

In general, your circuit breaker will trip if there is a power surge. However, although this problem indicates an issue with your electrical system, in some case a malfunctioning appliance may bring about the tripping. When you notice the circuit breaker is always tripping when one appliance is turned on, it would be advisable to stop using that gadget until the electrical issue is addressed.