HVAC Repair Signs You Should Never Ignore

Posted on: 30 May 2017

Homeowners will agree that air conditioning problems usually will crop up at the most inconvenient moments. Perhaps it is right in the middle of the summer when the heat is overbearing when your HVAC unit decides to malfunction, leaving your home unbearably hot. However, what some people do not realise is that it seems like these problems are spontaneous because they do not pay a lot of attention to their system. As a result, they only notice that something is off kilter when the unit is already on the decline. Knowing what to look for ensures that you can get professional care and maintenance promptly. The following are a few of the HVAC repair signs that homeowners should never ignore.

Unexplainable noises

Typically, when an air conditioning system is in operation, it will emit a low rumble or a low hum. These sounds are considered normal and should not be cause for alarm. However, if your air conditioning system begins to sound different than it normally does, it is likely that here is a mechanical problem that has developed. The type of sound that the HVAC unit is making could also help you discern what could be the underlying problem with the system. For instance, if your hear squealing noises, it could be indicative of a loose belt that would need to be secured back in place. On the other hand, if you hear grating noises it could imply that the bearings have run out of lubrication or that they have broken and friction is occurring. Overall, you should never ignore any unexplainable noises coming from your system as it could cause further deterioration of your air conditioning.

Warm air

Another symptom that should make you seek out professional repair services post haste is warm air coming from the system. Some homeowners may assume that it is only crucial to seek out professional repairs when there is no air coming from the unit. As a result, when the air is steadily becoming warm, they simply crank down the thermostat further. In reality, warm air-conditioning from your HVAC unit usually is indicative of a declining compressor. If the compressor is not repaired in time, it will stop working, and you may need to replace your entire unit. Nonetheless, warm air may start blowing out of your unit due to other reasons such as a capacitator that has acquired damage or perhaps a fuse that has blown. Regardless, it is always best to seek HVAC repairs as soon as you notice the problem.