Top Signs Your Washing Machine Might Need Replacement Parts

Posted on: 12 November 2021

Throughout the time that you own your washing machine, you might need to replace some of its parts to keep it in good condition. Luckily, it's possible for you to find and purchase these parts yourself, and you might find that some washing machine repairs are fairly easy, even if you aren't an appliance repair professional. These are a few signs that it might be time for you to purchase replacement parts for your washing machine.

Your Washing Machine Won't Drain

Your washing machine has to drain multiple times throughout the washing cycle, such as when it rinses your clothing and then when the washing cycle is complete. If your washing machine does not drain like it's supposed to, this can cause your clothes to not get cleaned properly. It can also leave clothing soaking wet and hard to dry. The pump might need to be replaced, or a drain hose might be clogged or damaged.

Your Washing Machine Is Making a Lot of Noise

You might not be overly concerned about your washing machine, since it might seem to be operating like it's supposed to. However, you might have noticed that it's making a lot of noise. It might have loose or worn out drum bearings that cause the drum to move around more than it's supposed to, so replacing these faulty drum bearings can help with the problem. Addressing the noise from your washing machine can help you enjoy more peace and quiet in your home, and it can help you prevent worse issues with your washing machine.

Your Washing Machine Will Not Spin

Another issue that can leave your clothing far too wet after being washed is if your washing machine does not spin properly. A drive coupler or belt could be damaged, or there might be an issue with the drum. Replacing the part that is responsible for your washing machine not spinning out properly can help you ensure that your clothing spins out, which greatly reduces drying time.

Your Washing Machine Leaks

Of course, a leaky washing machine is not something that you should ignore. If your washing machine leaks, then you have to worry about serious water damage. If your washing machine is leaking, then it could cause serious water damage in your home. There might be a leak or a damaged water pump, for example, and the affected part should be replaced if you want to prevent the washing machine from leaking more.

To learn more, contact a supplier of Simpson or Westinghouse spare parts; hopefully, they'll have the same manufacturing brand as your washing machine.